Mauro Celotti Photography

Mauro  Giovanni  Celotti

Born in a small village near Venice in Italy

with brothers and cousins as well known artists.

As a young scholar Mauro also loved his art.

His family moved to South Africa when he was 15 and lived there

for 30 years where he attended The Ruth Prouse College of Art

with majors in Photography and Graphic Art.

At the University of Cape Town he attended courses on Silk Screening.

From 18 years old he also showed his other artistic talent

as a musician playing in a band with his brothers for over 10 years.

In 1984 he started his own advertising photo studio which

he ran very successfully for 18 years, in the course of which he also

started a digital printing business and was involved in the design and

digital production of art works and large prints up to billboard sizes.

During this time he won over 35 awards, 

including “The Ross Ashington award for advertising Photography”

from the “Professional Photographers of South Africa”.

In September of 2002, he received Gold for Digital Fine Art in

the Canadian 2002 Digital Art Awards.

Art has always been his passion and other than Photography

he also worked in many other mediums like  Airbrush, Silk-screening, 

Metal, Wood, Mixed Media, Acrylics, Oils and Digital Art.

We can see Mauro’s joy as an artist in his work.

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